Monday, July 31, 2006

Kuelap's Spirit, Impenetrable Darkness [a poem]

It would be likened to a disembodied
Blind spirit—
Wandering through unlit space!

If not for the swish of winds
Around my—
Soft, warm naked face…!

Silent sounds roars from the dead
Embodied in stone-darkness—
Inside Kuelap’s Fortress

Here lost souls, wail for peace
Ripping and sweeping in madness
With fitful gusts

As I regained my frozen feet
Felt the pounding of his heart beat
It halted…

Shuffled was their sacred ground
Of which they laid
From Horizons Dawn

I assured them from whence we came
We would not disturb them
Ever again…

Thus, he abruptly left back into his
Abode, stoned-darkness
(This Roaring dead soul)!…

#1300 7/28/2006; written at El Parquetito, Miraflores, Lima, Peru

Note: When I was in the Chachapoyas (Northern Peru), on the mountaintop in April of 2006, I visited the grand fortress of Kuelap, next to Machu Picchu, it is the grandest site in Peru, here I was with an archeologist friend, and a few others. Thus, the spirits are alive here, and are mad of the disturbance being caused them, so they told me, and so I told my team. The site is a pre-Inca site, that overlooks a valley, and river, most beautiful, not too easy to get to. A car can make it most of the way, providing there are not a lot of floods along the dirty dirt and clay roads, and there are many, many of them. And once at the site, you will have a small walk to its location, a guard, and tour guides are there, usually.


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