Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Depression, Suicide, Drugs and Alcohol in Huancayo, Peru

Depression, Suicide, Drugs and Alcohol
(A short Commentary)

(Written: Oct 3, 2007)

I was reading the papers this last week (from Huancayo, Peru), saw a lot of suicides in them (and I wasn’t surprise to find the results), and people asking “Why this, and that?” Looking for reasons for the ongoing massive suicides in Huancayo (the highest rates for suicides in Peru); and everyone looking in the wrong place, it is the dilemma of depression we are looking at (suicide enhanced by alcohol, in any form).

First of all, there are various reasons for depression and suicide (depression can be a disorder, or a chemical imbalance within us, second, it can be simply sadness, and I’ll talk about that in a moment), but when you drink alcohol, in any form (to include beer) you are getting a double dose of depression. Alcohol is a “Depressant” a drug, this is something no producer of alcohol will admit, or tell you—lest you stop drinking, and God forbid, they lose their profit.

After two beers it becomes a catalyst for depression, like it or not. And if you have any problems at home (or perhaps `poverty, or old age is playing a part in it), or perhaps a loss, like a death in the family, or job, or house, or any loss, alcohol will enhance the state of depression you are already in, and thus, if you have suicide tendencies, the chances are with alcohol you will follow through on them.

In closing, everyone wants the problem to go away, without treatment, change in one’s lifestyle, or effort, just fade into oblivion; and those producing alcohol, want all the rights with no responsibility to continue the way they have, producing, advertising, and buying, and paying those to hide the problem from the public, matter of fact, they get rewards from public officials—how unseeingly can we be. Until we get serious over this issue or problem or call it a situation, it will continue to kill our loved ones.

By License Dennis L. Siluk (Dr. h.c.)


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