Monday, July 31, 2006

The Amazon: Enchantress [Peru] & La Gran Sabana [Salto Angel]

The Amazon: Enchantress [Peru]
(The river and its jungle)

I would recount the time, your crown, allured:
Your majesty, that charmed me, to yours,

O, wild, beguiled, Enchantress River
Your lore and years and livelihood reigns.

With lazy waters, easy sways your trees
Proudly like a child, twilight sings victory,

Along the banks of your jaunty breasts
So rests, triumphantly—my earthly flesh.

Your sweeping wide skirt, of blue and green
Laden with boats, combined animals scenes,

A treasure chest, filled with wondrous things,
You are the sweeping Amazon—Enchantress …!

#1131 1/31/06

La Gran Sabana [Salto Angel]

(Advance) I left the madness of the city to seek out the jungle of the Gran Sabana that melts into Amazonas in the year 2000—(year of ‘Beast’ for me). How shall I tell you what I’ve learned? Its beauty is out of the order of the mind—a strange beauty indeed; thus, the verse blended in this poem here is the labor of a dim eye (a clap of the eye also), in the back of my mind:


I did not go to the Gran Sabana over Angel Falls, for joy, or for the burning stars at night; nor did I expect to see mountains called: Tepuis—towering over the highlands, and its virgin terrain (a lost world, I do maintain). But rather, I went for quietness, which covered my wishful eyes. But joy I found in natures wonders, amongst the winking star-lit-nights;--the Jungle!


O, yes, I’ve trekked through her rainforest; sat on the edge of her towering peaks, looking up and down, Angel Falls (3000-feet). Walked her plateaus, descended her cliffs, retuning to civilization—with an uplift. She is timeless, par excellence, to anything on earth; in the vein of a wonders dream!

End Notes: the jungles of Venezuela, where I was, were three areas enmesh: we have the Gran Sabana, but also we have what is called Amazonas. The Gran Sabana meshes as others do, into the Amazon Basin. It is different than the Peruvian area where the Amazon River is —and its thick rainforest beyond its banks. Here you will also find the Orinoco Basin, again I say, enmeshed: again I say together, for there are no fences, as if thrown into a bowel of soup. This area was undisturbed by white men until the 1980s; there are a number of ethnic groups in this area, Amazonas, I saw a few groups, with their dug out boats, going about their business, as I was going about mine, and I did not invade their privacy. In contrast, the Peruvian Jungle and Amazon River, I went to, and down, and inland, I did join a few communities, observing their dwellings within the jungle, their habitat, customs, way of life for the most part, by invitation. This area, the Gran Sabana is right out of Mr. Doyle’s story “The Lost World”; most incredible.


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