Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Wanka: And the Arwaturo Ruins

The Wanka: And the Arwaturo Ruins

(Urpurampi & the God Huallallo Carhuancho)

Over looking Laguna Ñahuinpuquio
from the mountain-top
where resides
Las Ruins De Arwaturo,
one can visualize the Wanka…
walking, talking, ruling, and storing their grains:
cloths, corn, potatoes, olluco y masgua
(storing them in graneros, the towering ancient ruins)
alongside and within this Valley-region, of beauty—.

Here the dark-breathe, that rests
underneath the belly of the rain-clouds
are sucked to and upon the tops of the mountains,
within its gorges and crevasses,
making shadows upon its breasts.
This is the land of the Wankas.

Cultural Commentary: The Wanka culture was founded by Urpurampi, and the God was Carhuancho, in the Man- taro Valley Region. They used to sacrifice the dog, after the sacrifice of the dog, they ate him. The skull of the dog was used for a horn during time of war. The culture predates the Inca culture. The Wankas were warriors, and used lances and shields, also porras, and Hondas (like King David used); and they were rebels who sought their liberty. They took advantage of the rain, to grow the many fruits and vegetables within their valley regions. They also so had herds of llamas and alpacas: from these two animals, they made there sandals. Arwaturo, the name of the ruins, means: ´burnt bones´. The Wanka culture dates from 800 AD to 1400 AD. The Arwaturo ruins, of which I’ve climbed, are up some 11,318 feet.

Dedicated to Cesar of TV Cable, Joseito Arrieta (of Radio Sabor Mix), and Diego Veliz (Candidate for Mayor of the beautiful city of Huancayo, Peru))No: 1422; 8-13-2006; written after visiting the site.))


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