Friday, September 29, 2006

A Four Part Poem for the Inauguration of the Statue: Virgin Mary, of the City, Concepcion

A Four Part Poem for the Inauguration of the Statue: Virgin Mary, of the City, Concepcion


“I’ll build Me a City!”

I’ll build me a city
Out of love and stone,
I’ll build me a city
That loves and cares…

I’ll build me a city
With a statue that bears
Its name, of the Holy Virgin
And to heaven above.

And when I am dead
Resting underground—
The Holly Virgin will look
Down, from atop the hill,

She’ll say with her heart
And bow with her crown—
To the love and pride
The city has found…!

Dedicated to the city of Concepcion, Peru, and its Mayor Jesus Chipana; #1488 9-29-2006


Mary of Concepcion

“Follow me softy…
(I heard the voice say)
“In Silence
“To Stone Stand Hill
(where the hills and skies meet);
“He will find a path to you—
“From the edge of Heaven’s gates…!”

Note: #1486 9-29-2006; dedicated to Antonio Isla Cordova (Engineer of the construction project)


The Irrecoverable Path

My eyes fill, with tears and I know not why.
On a fair hill, an irrecoverable place;
I roamed her once, on paths
I shall nevermore retrace?
There resides a Statue, not of time or space!...

Note: #1487 9-29-2006 dedicated to the building of the statue of the Virgin Mary of Concepcion, Peru, and all its construction workers.


The Road to Piedra Parada
(The Road to Standing Stone Hill)

A road winds up a marron hill,
And glad I could travel it
And be one traveler—short I sat
And looked down one side, as far as I could
To where the city of Concepcion stood;

Then looked to the top, not quite as far,
And being perhaps the lesser view,
Because it was un-grassed and barren
Though—as for time, a statue she’d bear
How beautiful then, perhaps the same;

And both that morning they equally lay
In clouds of love and turquoise blue;
Oh, I kept the view for another day
Yet knowing how thoughts lead on thoughts
I qualm if I could capture her back.

Someplace, sometime, in ages thus:
I shall be telling this with a tear—
A road that winds up a marron hill
I once took, where now stands a statue
(of) the Holy Virgin Immaculate Concepcion

(where once it was just a barren hill).

Note: #1487 9-29-2006, dedicated to our guide and young poet, Vanneza Ganarra

Note: written at the request of the Mayor of Concepcion, the event is due to take place in the city December 2006


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