Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sipan (of: Lambayeque)

(of: Lambayeque)

By Dennis L. Siluk

Sipan, king of the desert,
and its sea of sand—;
Lord of the valley,
farthest bound:
behold the crimson sun,
above, shines down upon
your tomb.
By some new sorrow
in the wind’s tone
(expectant and alone),
I feel your pulse:
fresh from Your sea of sleep…,
from the Lambayeque Valley:
Your spirit weeps!...

#1485 9-27-2006

Note: Sipan, King or Lord, of Northern Peru (around: Chiclayo), in the Sipan Valley, or—also known as Lambayeque, lived around 200AD and ruled the valley for about 40-years. His tomb along with others were discovered in the late 80s; in 2006, I visited the site in March, it was most interesting, along with climbing the pyramids nearby. The spirits there are annoyed with the fact, that the tomb of the king, considered the richest archeological find of the 20th Century, has been dishonored (for all the original relics have been replaced with replicas (so they told me).


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