Friday, September 01, 2006

"Corona del Fraile" (and recent TV and Radio Appearances)

“Corona del Fraile”

Beyond the old dirt road, the fields, and
trees—a mountain stretches away;
Simmering, broken here and there:
clumps of trees, makeup the crown
On the mountain (Corona del Fraile).

Motionless I stand, on the old dirt road—
See the dissolving blue, behind the
September sun, above the mountain—;
My face against the cool faint draft
(it comes steadily from somewhere);
Yet, the air is too warm to be called
a breeze—.

I hear the drowsy murmur of voices;
here, natures stirs the soul, lulls it to
Sleep—almost; like a hymn humming;
here one must savor the moment,
Lest he have many to spare…!

Note: Dedicated to Luis Calmell Del Solar and his Father in
Law; 9-1-2006; #1448; location: San Carlos, Huancayo, Peru.
To be published in: “The House of Blue”, cultures of Peru
To be out in 2007.

Recent Reviews

October, 2006: “The Magic of the Avelinos…” is Dennis’ most recent book, which includes poems of the Avelinos’ Annual Festival, its dancing and celebration (held in San Jeronimo de Tunan); also poems from the Mantaro Valley, Huancayo, Peru: its customs, foods and archeological sites.

This book has recently been seen on Television, with most favorable reviews by: Channels 21 (Elizabeth Zapata); 2 (Gustavo Benito and Walter Campos); 15 (Marco Antonio Ponce and Marlene Priale); along with Red Global (Rocio Abarca and Lily Unchupaico); and the radio stations: 15-50 (Rodolfo Vergara), Sabor Mix (Joseito Arrieta), Super Latina (Junior Meza), whom showed a considerate interest and very sound evaluation of the book; to include the Mayor of San Jeronimo, Jesus Vargas, and the Huancayo Correo newspaper (Hector Mayhuire and Marissa Cardenas).

“I want to take this opportunity to thank the Los Andes University (along with: President Adelmo Huamani, and Antonio Castillo) in Hauncayo, for their outstanding work in promoting the Culture of Peru, especially that of the Mantaro Valley region.”

Dennis Siluk


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