Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Legend of the Archangel of Tarma (A Poetic Fable)

7) Legend of the Archangel of Tarma
(A Poetic Fable)

Advance: Long, long ago, in the province of Junin, Peru, near the town called Tarma, there came about a severe happening…

On top of a hill, there was a cross, here appeared an Archangel and on this certain path, we the people saw this angel, he looked like a priest with white feathered wings, and the rays of the sun, brightened him, oh, so very much, it caused us to blink constantly, when looking upon him. I myself wondered if this happening was as it was, as it appeared to be, it would seem to me, he was ready for battle, with armament, battle gear on, he stood tall and straight like a soldier, and us being his folk, were somewhat composed, yet we swore and gossiped at his appearance, with all dirty voices, and the angel said, “I come here to announce what will take place in future time, ye, gather all around me, lest you be left out in the dark.”
And so it was, and so it took place, on this little hillside and in the valley, by Tarma, in the province of Junin.
Next, the Archangle spoke (loud and clear, saying): “Soon there will be a plague in your land: the water will dry up, and the corps will spoil, the corn will not be harvestable, and day will turn into a frozen long night, as the sun hides behind the moon; this will happen my aberrant flock, very soon, it is because of your sinfulness.”
And we all began to laugh, thinking: who could take away our valley comforts. Then I stepped forward a ting, and said to him, the Archangel of Tarma: “Why are there burns on both of your hands?”
And he replied with jest and honestness “I’m glad you asked.”
And he raised his hands up high, for all of us to see, and said boldly, “These are the rope burns from the rope, I climbed down from the high heavens to your hill, save, I flew to the clouds, it is true.”

Afterward: And so the legend ends abruptly, that is, the plague came the following day, but—be not dismayed, all the towns folks scooted to other far reaching cities, and lands, such as Huancayo, and Satipo, and stopped their damn sinning.

Note: Written 8-15-2006, in Huancayo, Peru


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