Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Haiku for the Ruins at Unishcoto (Peru((and other poems))

Verses in Haiku and Other Forms


Haiku for the Ruins at Unishcoto

Its summer here
The Road to Unishcoto
Is just over there…

I walked her every inch
Like a fly caught in a web…!

#1651 1-31-2007

Haiku for Minnesota Winter

Its mid winter
I wonder how they’re doing
In Minnesota.


Old Poet

Close your gate old Poet,
You complain for solitude
Refuse Visitors.


My Poem

When my poem grows steadily
My tongue can taste it—
Thus, my poem is done!

“I try to make my poems as luminous and genuine as possible, where one can travel and thrive in them. They have steadily grown in Europe, Asia (where they are presently translating them; some in German, and other languages of East Europe), in South America (where hundreds are already translated), and North America along with Australia. I hope you enjoy them.” D.L. Siluk

Snapshot of Time

The sun is burning my neck.
The waiter walks by
Throwing images in color
That rush along my side.
A man is standing with his child
In front of the table across from me
The waiter is standing by.

For just a moment, a second,
I sense this is the center of life;
Voices and faces crisscross
Over, under and around me
(at this outside little café).

I’m sitting in the cool heat
(like a duck floating in space)
Like a man in a box (somewhere)
A snapshot of time and life spent
Never to return again—just moving.

Dedicated to El Parquecitos Café in Miraflores, Lima Perú, #1656 (1-32-2007)


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