Saturday, January 13, 2007

Three Poems for the Gate Keeper/one for Peru

The Eyes of Chucctolomos

On a Hill over looking a village called Quilcas in little stone rounded huts carved into stone walled pastures—thereof…here is where the Wanka lived, families, side by side: in the center stands a small stone structure, it stands alone, with eyes, nose and mouth (looking down the hillside)!

From inside, I stood, looking out (through its stone eyes)—out beyond the Mantaro Rio below, below and beyond the village that guards these stone ruins, out beyond its grassy meadows, to its residing mountains: then I felt it looking back at me, as if…if, my glance bounced off those residing mountains, to tell me: ‘…time was not real.’

Notes: The legend, the folks told me of, linked to this site that is, is as follows: whoever goes into these structures will soon die of an illness or disease. I found for myself, the spirits that guard this archeological site were more concerned with folks distorting the site, and disrupting their quietness. I didn’t get the feeling they wanted to curse anyone, perhaps that is mans choice. The site dates to about 700 AD.

Three Poems for the Gate Keeper


Just Visiting

The difference between
You and me
Is that I’m just visiting.

#1608 (1/12/2007)


A Glance of Light

I grabbed a glance of light
Asked for faith and a year of life,
And somewhere in-between
Forgot to ask
And tranquility.

#1606 (1/1220/07)


Ship in a Bottle

Life has many surprises
Like a ship in a bottle
We often wonder how we got into
Such a spot…
World War III—will not be
Much Different.

#1607 (1-12-2007)


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