Friday, January 05, 2007

Ode to: La Dama De Cao (A Poem)

Ode to: La Dama De Cao
(The Lady of Cao))Peru))

The sun no longer strikes down on me
How close I was to life, how hard life was
How false ones gaiety can be.

Lonely at times:
Not in the soul
But in the sky of the mind!

My whole horizon ringed
With the morning birds;
I had a collection of things and people.

I have been a Queen, ruled the village of Cao
That was my love you see
Yet I did not live long—, twenty-five years is all.

Queen-chief they called me—,
My body tattooed to show such;
Bound in ceremonial wrappings…

Like a cocoon (a mummy)
I was found in such garb.

Sorry to say, but I will:
I died from childbirth—
Buried in Trujillo—a thousand years ago!.

When I died…, then awake
It was like daybreak—I seemed to have
Had a sad feeling upon arrival.

Now harshly, all the sounds and voices
Of one moment to the next
Is simply fleeting.

Yet, up there I will never be again:
Still I hear my child’s voice
From time to time..!

Note: No: 1596 (1-4-2007): a most recent finding in Peru (that is, perhaps less than a year old) is the Mummified body of “La Dama de Cao, (The Lady of Cao)”; whom was really more than a lady, but a queen. As I have said often, and will again, Peru is the land of discover, perhaps the last of the main Ancient lands to have been only half discovered. It is the Egypt of South America you could say. I was in Trujillo, some three years ago, a northern costal region of Peru, where they have funny looking boats called Canotaje´s. I don’t know of any another land that bares so much fruit in Ancient discovers today, other than Peru.


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