Saturday, February 03, 2007

Trout, of the Mantaro Valley (of Peru)

Trout, of the Mantaro Valley (of Peru)

When day has come—the sun breaks
Early the wives lift the heavy pans
(get them set for lunch)

The trout rise (white and pink) in its
Blue and greenish waters—down
Through the mountain streams…

Fishermen wait along site the banks,
Lunch has yet to be prepared.

Each night the crimson moon comes
Over the edge of the mountains
The twilight is beautiful, also…

The twilight is beautiful, also,
The common animals also the
Valley people and their delicious trout!

#1670 2-3-2007 I can’t imagine a conversation on or in, the Mantaro Valley without a spoken word of one of the main foods, the trout. Just mention any city in the Valley, while in any other city in Peru, and the word trout pops up; and for good reason, it is a main dish, and very desirous to say the least, as it can be prepared a half dozen different ways. The folks of the Valley are very much aware of their appetizing, yummy, mouth-watering, trout; proud may be the word, or even conceited in the sense they feel they have a treasure, having the trout. I’m originally from Minnesota, the land of 10,000-lakes, and we have many fish in them, and trout is among them, but when I’m in the Mantaro Valley, I am skeptical about mentioning we have good trout, in that, many things don’t bother the Wanka folks up there, but this may start a war, and thus, I pull away from that, and just say, ‘yaw, we’ve got trout, but this is of course, very special trout here in the Mantaro Valley (or Huancayo).’ I’m not actually lying, but, perhaps distorting the truth a bit; but no matter what, the trout is most delicious in the Valley.


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