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The Lesson of Little Luciana (From Huancayo, Peru)) Written by Maria Sofia Peñaloza Acevedo (10-years old) Edited by DL Siluk))

The Lesson of Little Luciana

Luciana was a little girl that was born in Paris in 1985, and likewise lived there.
She was a millionaire, and also was very impulsive, and always got what she wanted, and was somewhat prejudice.
Her father left home when she was quite young, and she ended up living alone with her mother.
When Luciana was twelve-years old (about six years after her father had left), he returned, meet her (Luciana not knowing this man was her father though) and when they met each other—not to hurt her—he approached somewhat slowly and carefully, as not to frighten her, for he was at this time, a stranger you could say, yet in a short period of time, they both would end up being good friends. (Yet the secret was still a secret, he was the father of Luciana.)

As time passed, and as they got to know each other better, they talked more to one another. One day, her father told her in the kindest way he knew, “Luciana, please try not to be so impulsive!” and he added, “Try not to be so prejudice. (for she didn’t like black people, and to be quite honest she didn’t really know why).”
Luciana listened carefully, understanding his concern and she told her mother’s friend and now her friend, with sincerity, she wanted to change, perhaps now it would be easier since she found such a good person like him, actually, she had learned to love him very much, and hoped her mother would marry him, and saw he was himself, not prejudice, and again I say, she wanted to be like him (they had also grown to be good companions).

Her father did not know if he should tell his daughter the truth, of who he was. For he had a dream, and in his dream someone told him, “You must tell her the truth, you are her father, even though you got separated from both her and her mother for a while.” When he woke up he went to see Luciana.
When Luciana heard the truth, she was angry, hurt, then she rejected her father for not telling the truth, at that point he looked destroyed, shattered (the truth being, he was her father).
The next day Luciana told her father: “I am sorry dad for not understanding you, or the situation between you and mom; I know why you left, mother told me, and I guess things are not always the way we’d like them to be, it is a lesson I must remember, things we do not know, we should not guess at.”
Her father answered: “I simply can only tell you that I love you, I hope that will be enough, it is all I have to offer.”
Responded Luciana, with a tear, “Me too dad, it is all I got to give.”

And so, to my curious readers, Luciana’s family ended up happy ever after.

The End

Written by Maria Sofia Peñaloza Acevedo (10-yearas old)
(05-23-2007) Translated by Rosa Peñaloza de Siluk; edited
By Dlsiluk


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