Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursday Haikus: Lunch at the Cafe

Thursday Haikus: Lunch at the Café
[At El Parquettos, Miraflores, Lima Perú]

Lima Sun

They say, sun until June
—In Lima, Peru
What if they’re wrong?

#1823 (5-10-2007)) When we count on something or one too much, we normally get disappointed somewhere down the road; expectations unmet I call them, and sorry to say, we become disappointed in others and suffer for that, perhaps we need to look at things and people as less than perfect.))

Lunch at the Café

Worthless! Worthless!
— Spaghetti today
Like a lake full of rain



Silverware clashing!
Behind my back
Like birds out of tune…!

(at El Parquettos)

Commentary on From: Here we see the use of Haikus as (almost) epigrams, yet within keeping the grace of the haiku, and close to its form (the three lines, syllables are relatively close, if not 17-sylables, but the stress is not in keeping it uniform with the Japanese style Haikus, it is in keeping with the simplicity of the glorious day God has given, just one Thursday in so many.

Time Travel

Well, here I am again,
Its 2:35 PM (at the Café);
What month is it?



One of the greatest gifts
God has given me—!
Is sleep! Beautiful sleep!


Rotten Poets

The minds of Ginsberg and Burroughs
Was full of nasty thrills
With young boys


Café Blues

Soupy Skies—
Crossing over the open café
Becoming too pale to write


Allen Ginsberg spoke of Kerouac as the master of the Haiku, I now care to refute this; first of all Ginsberg was perhaps the worse and most unclassy poet that has ever lived, and Kerouac, although good with spontaneous prose, was far from a master of the Haiku; the best I can say is he was the master of his own style of Haiku, and that alone. If he did anything, he lowered the Haiku to a windmill, where at once it was a skyscraper.


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