Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Poet’s: “harawi!” (Part III)

The Poet’s: “harawi!” (Part III)

We are a people of personality, appealing or not, it is who we are; we can be mystic, skeptical, a fugitive deeply in love, an isolated person—whom it beocmes painful to socialize with others. We express in tones of maculinity, or otherwise—; there is something ancient, to this: a voice of force—but seldom does it comfort....
There is a tone in the Andes (also)—old poets often have used it in the past—(“harawi”),a mystical inward compulsion, or complait. Call it folk-form, of the Andes (Vallejo knew it well); it is an echo for modern surrealism—. Poetry in this form can make deperate things alive, like God pointing his finger; or Sastan whispering to Judas....
In Poetry, metaphore is matched by skill or talent, the poet—the poor man with his verse and voice sees through himself: the ruminates, the unimaginable—that is his “harawi”.

Written 10-3-2006, in the Plaza de Arms, Huancayo, Peru, 12:30 PM, #1489


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