Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Mule Man from Ayachucho (A Haiku)

The Mule Man from Ayacucho
(A Haiku)

From Coast, to sea, and jungles
The Mule man roams
From Ayacucho…

From one fiesta to another
He sells his trinkets (shoes and cloths).

#1866 6-2-2007
Note: The story goes something like this, around 1940, Uyulino a man from Ayacucho, Peru (south-central part of Peru), one day decided he needed a business, and he purchased 70 to 80 mules. Then he purchased merchandise, packed his mules up, and started his journey around Peru, from the Andes, and all the way to Huancayo, to the South and North, and even down to the Coast, by Lima, and jungles of Peru. As time went on, he purchased cares and then onto trucks and buses. He hit every fiesta that was in progress, and made a bundle of money. (Information gathered from Victor, the photographer of Miraflores (in Lima), Peru, for some 45-years


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