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Water of the Giants (A Short Story from the Mantaro Valley of Peru)

Water of the Giants
(A Story from the Andes)

Dr. Adelmo and Professor Jesus Vega, were two retired scientists in the Mantaro Valley of Peru, surrounded by the Andes, they lived perhaps fifty years ago. They had both heard a of legend in the mines of the Andes, that the little people known as the Amuc, had water that came from the Giants of Old, that carried scientific elements, if drank, that would change ones genetic structure, and cause them to grow like lizards, forever. They both were aging friends, and had taught at the University of Huancayo; but lived in San Jeronimo, a small village some several miles away.
But their retirements were soon to change. Mr. Adelmo and Professor Vega discovered this new essence by digging in his backyard so deep they both fell into what might have been a giant hole, that led into a pool within the crust of the earth, some fifty feet below the entrance of their new tunnel.
“You know Professor; this might be just what we’ve been looking for all these years!” Adelmo said to Jesus Vega, adding, “Perhaps if we can preserve this little pond of sorts, we can bottle all the water and sell it, but first we must see what it can do.” As they extracted their first bottle of water, they noticed a giant worm crawl out of the water, perhaps seven feet long, and as thick as Adelmo’s neck.
Now standing outside of the dig, the Professor said to Adelmo, holding the bottle of water “Gigantica!”
“Yes indeed,” commented the Professor, “…this could be the answer to many of the world’s problems, and surely ours, we shall call it Gigantica.
So they both agreed on the name of the substance, and sat back and made plans to extract the substance, and possibilities beyond that.
The wise Professor studied the elements within the water, as the Doctor, carefully watched the animals (sheep, llamas, and goats) inoculated with the substance, how they would grow. And they found what they had expected, if given the water on a daily bases, they grow rapidly if in the sun, Vitamin D, seemed to accelerate the process; whereas, in the dark or rainy season, things changed, the animals grew slowly, perhaps like the worm, possibly it was a hundred if not a thousand years old, they could not tell. But the llama after several weeks of sun, and water was eight hundred pounds. And the sheep and goats three times there size.
The Professor had an 800-square meter farm, and had to buy the land next door to corral the newly growing animals, making it 3000-square meters.
There was a young couple living on the other plot of land he had purchased, and thus, kept them to guard the land, and take an oath not to tell anyone of what they witnessed, lest they lose their jobs, which were not plentiful within this region of Peru.
“How big can they grow?” asked Adelmo to Jesus?
“It looks to me, they never stop, under favorable conditions, legend says they can grow up to 600-feet, as were the giants in the Old Testament.”

When Professor Vega returned to Lima, he told his secret to his old friend, and female companion, Dean Maria Fiba, of the University at Lima.
“Oh they are growing so fast, I told Doctor Adelmo I’d not disclose our discover to anyone, but I have to tell you, for I’ve given a glass of water to my nephew Tony, each day now, and he was but four feet eleven inches tall, three months ago, and now is five foot eight inches tall. I told him I wanted to stop the experiment, but he knows were the water is and refuses to stop taking it.”
“Oh, yes my old friend, should this news get out, I fear there will be trouble.”


It was during the night of July 1, now five months after the discovery of the water, the animals got restless in the corral, and hungry, and the keepers could not control the several goats, of five hundred pounds, and the three llamas of now over 1000-pounds, and the twenty sheep, some 600-pounds. They all leaped and jumped and busted their way into the neighbors yard, and raided the garden, and took bits out of the legs of the neighbors, to the point the farmers ran to get their guns, and shot half the herd dead, staring with unbelievable eyes at the sizes of the creatures.
The news spread of these giant animals, all the way down to Lima, and to Dean Maria Fiba’s office, who of course notified Adelmo and Professor Jesus Vega, concerned about what steps they were going to take now.

The nephew was now six foot tall, and all of 200-pounds of solid muscle. He was walking around as if he was Samson in the Bible. Along with him, all of San Jerónimo was excited about this new water especially the teenagers all wanting to be tall and muscular yet many were torn you could say. On one hand they thought it a miracle and God sent, on the other, it seemed it was causing more problems then it was worth, and put it in the category of a gift from Satan himself.
The several animals that were left had run off into the hills nearby the village, and were causing havoc with the cars at night, running across the streets, and jumping on them, or causing them to skid off the roads—therefore more accidents were recorded in one night than had been in the whole year previous.
The Professor was starting to worry about Tony as well, because this was not his evil intentions to cause havoc in his life or anyone’s, only to become rich if possible, and perhaps do mankind a favor in the process of food supply.
The inhabitants’ of San Jerónimo, gathered all the weapons they could, guns, and machetes, rocks to throw at the beasts, and searched the village and streets, and mountain sides for the animals, some thought it was fun, adventurous, and one by one they captured and killed the beast, ate them under a bonfire. While the Doctor and Professor remained at their farm, guarding it, as if the animals would return, but they never did of course.

Said he, Professor to the Doctor, “Who are we to change the world to a point of subjecting our youth to dangers we know little about. I see in them what can be, in time, what we have here is something none of us are ready for, and can only harm us, we have the responsibility to destroy this substance that will only bring envy, and jealousy, and drive the spirits of our youth to destruction.”
After saying that, he broke the foundations of the cave, to where the dirt filled the pond, and the waters scattered all about, soaked deep into the earth, never to rise, or be replaced again.

Written Lima, Peru 6-1-2007

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